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Ceremonies, workshops and retreats in nature to help you connect, discover and heal.

Our space and events are all supported by the wisdom of shamanism - an ancient tradition which shows us how to establish a deep connection to Nature, and teaches us that we are interconnected with all of life. 

​Introduction to Shamanism 

September Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th


Led by Clare Relton

This two day weekend course will introduce you to some of the basic principles and tools of shamanism.  We will explore the medicine wheel, and the medicine of animals, plants and trees and simple powerful ceremonies to help connect and heal. On Sunday there will be an opportunity to take part in a beautiful  lakeside Purification Lodge Ceremony

Start 9.45am Saturday 10am and ends 4pm Sunday


Cost: £95-£190 sliding scale

Self-catering - bring food to share (we will provide lots of hot nourishing veggie soup and drinks throughout the weekend).

On site camping £15 /night or accommodation in the house £35 /night available.


Grief Tending by the Lake

Saturday 30th September to Sunday 1st October 

Led by Sophy Banks

Give your grief space to move in this two day, in person event surrounded by beautiful peaceful woods and water. 

Click here for more details, and to book click here.


Shamanic Study Weekends 2023

 Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November 2023


Saturday 13th & Sunday 15th January 2024


Led by Clare Relton 


Eagle Dance 2024

Thursday May 16th - Sunday 19th May

Led by Elaine Cat Moon

Eagle Dance is a traditional and powerful ceremony open to all. 
Date and times: Thursday 4pm
 to Sunday midday

Cost: tbc including camping on site

Some B&B accommodation extra on site £10 /night.

Self-catering - bring your food to share. Hot drinks provided.


Friday  is our preparation day when, together, we create the ceremonial space and Saturday is Dance day when we dance to the Tree of Life from dawn 'til dusk, pulled by the powerful rhythm of the big drum and traditional chants, to connect with our higher vision and purpose for the year ahead. Then, when the sun has set, we end the day with a celebratory meal (everyone brings a contribution for this). This ceremony is open to all and must be booked in advance as there is personal preparation required.

For more information contact

Pamela on or Clare on

Shamanic Study Weekends 2024

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 

​Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November


Led by Clare Relton 

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