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What are ceremonies?

In ceremonies everything and everyone works together with a clear intent. Ceremonies can be simple and short or long and complex.  Ceremonies often bring clarity, and can sometimes be life changing.   Here we describe two of the many different types of shamanic ceremonies - Flower Tree Ceremonies and Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

Flowering Tree Ceremonies

A human’s luminosity is very similar to that of a tree.  We often work with trees as a part of our personal and sacred ceremonies to help us heal, grow and evolve. Flowering Tree Ceremonies help us connect the “as above” and the “so below”. 

What happens

Decide what the intent of your ceremony is/

Ask the tree if it is willing to do ceremony with you.

Walk around the tree clockwise three times to prepare for the ceremony.

Sit with you back against the tree facing south.

Ask the question and listen, paying attention to the messengers of nature around you. 

Once you are complete in the south then move to the west and repeat.....then continue clockwise in the north and then the east. When you have completed thank the tree for helping you with the ceremony and gift it with some tobacco, song or hug!

Here is the link to an example of the Flowering Tree Ceremony for Forgiveness  from our Deer Tribe Medicine Teacher Janneke Koole.

Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremonies 

The Shamanic Purification Sweat Lodge offers a space for deep healing, for balance of body, heart, mind, spirit and soul.

The Purification Lodge ceremonies are led by myself or other apprentices on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. We are guided and supported by our medicine teaches Elaine "Cat Moon" and Pete "Black Agate"

Each ceremony has a different theme, intent and direction. Like many spiritual traditions the directions North, South, East & West are used to guide and encode knowledge.

What happens

We walk through the woods and gather together at our lakeside off-grid cabin and prepare ourselves for the ceremony.

We cover the willow lodge with blankets.

We help build the fire which heats the stones for the ceremony.

After purification lodge ceremony we restore the space. Each ceremony from start to finish takes about 5 hours.


What to bring

Please bring a towel to sit on during the ceremony plus warm clothing, waterproof coat and shoes, a torch.

Hot drinks will be provided.

There is no charge for purification lodge ceremonies.  

However, we do request a cash donation to cover all the costs & materials.

Please also bring a small gift for the Dance Chief (who leads the ceremony) and for each of the two Fire Keepers. Gifts can be cash or useful goods e.g. olive oil, tahini, cheese, nuts. 

It is a good idea to accompany each gift with a small amount of loose tobacco wrapped in red to signify your personal intent for the ceremony to spirit.

Please do not consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs in the 72 hours before any purification lodge ceremony as they will compromise your ability to participate.

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