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The practice of shamanism is rooted in the awareness that everything is alive, conscious and interconnected.


Shamanism has existed on every continent

While practices and approaches vary, shamans around the world have used similar ways to restore balance, connect and heal. 

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path offers teachings and ceremonies designed to deepen our connection to all of creation (minerals, plants, animals, spirit), accept responsibility to heal the child within, and speak the unspeakable to ourselves about our hearts desires.

This shamanic path is in the Twisted Hairs tradition - braiding and integrating knowledge from many sources around the world to gain a deeper understanding of universal truths. 

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Deer Tribes

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The knowledge of this shamanic path has been gathered, translated and taught by the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society based in the USA. 


Deer are native to Europe, Asia as well as North and South America and have significant roles in the belief systems of various peoples all over the world.


British Deer Tribes

There is archaeological and written evidence of Deer Tribes in Britain: 

Artefacts such as the Star Carr headdress of a large mature stag which is estimated to be 11,000 years old (hunter-gather Mesolithic era).  

Pictures of the Cernunnos - the Celtic horned god on ancient British coins such as the Regini Petersfield and Selsey Cernunnos.

Written evidence from the Romans who described at least two British Deer Tribes "Cornovii Pictum" (the people who worship the horned God).

Local Deer Tribes

EagleHeart land was originally inhabited by the Atrebates - a tribe of British Celts.

During the 1st and 2nd centuries BC, the Atrebates were among the most powerful of British tribes, maintaining strong links with related tribes in Gaul. 

The capital of the Atrebates tribe was in Silchester and the famous bronze Eagle found there is  displayed in Reading museum.  

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