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Welcome to EagleHeart

Sweat Lodge building

Saturday 4th May

930am - 10pm

Come and help rebuild (and enlarge) our beautiful lakeside sweat lodge

Bring vegetarian food to share.

Voluntary contribution: £25 (2 places left)

Followed by 

Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Consecration and dedication purification lodge ceremony led by Elaine Cat Moon

Please read Ceremonies page before so you know what to expect, bring, wear etc.

To book contact Clare

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Upcoming events 

* March 2023 *

Introduction to Shamanism

Saturday 4th March 10-6pm

Medicine Wheel.png

Purification Lodge Ceremonies

Friday 24th  4-9pm

Saturday 25th  4-9pm

Sunday 26th 10-3pm

Drumming & Singing Workshop 

Saturday 25th 10-4pm

(Only 8 places left)

   * April 2023 *


Grief Tending by the Lake

Saturday 29th  9.45am to 6pm

Led by Sophy Banks

Give your grief space to move in this one day, in person event surrounded by woods and water. 

Click here to book.

   * May 2023 *


Eagle Dance

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st 

Eagle Dance is a traditional and powerful shamanic ceremony of renewal.

We fast and dance to the Tree of Life to the powerful rhythm of traditional chants and drums to connect with our higher vision and purpose for the year ahead.

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   Empowering the Heart

24th to 30th June 2024

A SHEN® Personal Empowerment 7 day Workshop

Enhance emotional well-being and balance by releasing chronic pain, stress, burn-out, anxiety, migraines, panic attacks, sleeping problems, uncleared grief, past trauma, phobias, eating disorders, emotional and sexual abuse, and by accelerating physical healing from injuries and operations

For information and to register (6 places left)

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Practical information
To book or for more information, please email or text  07879872892
Places are limited. Your place will be reserved as soon as we receive your deposit or full payment.  
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