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Connect & Heal

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Welcome to EagleHeart

We offer ceremonies and study retreats in nature to help you connect, discover and heal.

Shamanism is an ancient tradition which shows us how to establish a deep connection to Nature, and teaches us that we are interconnected with all of life. 

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Ceremonies & Workshops

We hold community ceremonies throughout the year. Here are the dates for Spring 2023


Shamanic Purification Lodge Ceremonies 


Friday 13th 4-9pm    

Saturday 14th  4-9pm

Sunday 15th  4-9pm


Friday 24th  4-9pm

Saturday 25th  4-9pm

Sunday 26th 10-3pm

Shamanic Drumming & Singing Workshop 


Saturday 25th 10-4pm

Led by Louise 'Mountain Mist'

Drumming and singing opens our heart, brings us into balance

and aligns us with the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth.

Open to all

Book early as limited places

Cost  £40-£60 

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Eagle Dance

A shamanic ceremony of renewal


Friday 19th - Sunday 21st 

Save the date!

Eagle Dance is a traditional and powerful shamanic ceremony of renewal.

On day one we prepare ourselves and the ceremonial space.

On day two we fast and dance to the Tree of Life to connect with our higher vision and purpose for the year ahead. We dance from dawn 'til dusk to the powerful rhythm of traditional chants and drums. At sunset we end the day with a celebration feast.

Come and dance your vision for the coming year.

Contact us for more details.

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Study retreats

Interested in shamanism?  We offer one and two day study retreats where we share the beautiful teachings and ceremonies of the shamanic Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  


Shamanic Study Weekends 

(Eager Beaver Group)



Saturday 14th &  Sunday 15th 


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th 


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th 

Introduction to Shamanism


Saturday 8th 10am-9pm

Join us for a one day study retreat of shamanic teachings and ceremony in our beautiful lakeside cabin

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Breathwork &  Shamanism


Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April


Everything breathes - Everything is connected. 

Breathing techniques help connect us more powerfully to the Sun energies.

They pull in the "Chula", the Universal Life Force and open the ten wheels (chakras) to the male energy of Grandfather Sun.

Discover how the breath moves around the shamanic medicine wheel

Lean basic shamanic breathing techniques and the key role of breath in shamanic cosmology and metaphysics. 

To book and more information

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